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The mothering instinct took my by surprise.  I’m not saying that I expected motherhood to be all work and no joy.  I expected to love my child and to well up with joy and pride at all his ‘firsts’.  What took me by surprise was the strength of fury and fear that would instantly be available if I thought anything might happen to my little boy.  Even reading about something that happened to another child wuld raise those feelings in me.

There are times when I want to wrap the boy up in my arms and hold him tight and protect him from all that goes wrong in the world.  Naturally, he fights against this.  He wants to explore and develop his skills.  And that is right.  I must let him go.

Rationally, I know that he must fall down a few times in order to learn how to walk and climb.  I know that he must explore and learn the limits of his world – at what point will the box tip over when you lean out over the edge?  Emotionally, it is very difficult to struggle through that protective mothering instinct and let him explore.

The mothering instinct drives me to try to catch him when he falls.  It drives me to scoop him up and hold him tight when he does fall and hurt something.  It drives me to mop the floor so he has somewhere clean to play.  It also drives me to work and to make a difference in my little corner of the world.

I think working mothers have a strong drive to provide for their children and contribute their skills to society.  I belong to a generation of women who believe that we can do it all.  We need organization and tools and support, and we very much need that drive that inspires us and pushes us forward, and raises our eyes to the unwritten goals we are working to achieve.


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